RAZERTIP - Make-Your-Own Pen Tips

RAZERTIP - Make-Your-Own Pen Tips
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    Make Your Own Razertip Tips!

    Binding-Post Interchangeable-tip Pen. You'll find this pen pictured in the early woodburning and pyrography books. You make your own custom tips from the tip wire (see below). The tips are held securely in place with stainless screws. It also accepts most interchangeable Razertips although slight modification may be required for some tips. It also allows you to make your own tips with our new lengths of tip wire, available in packages of 3-6” pieces of 18 gauge heavy duty tip wire, 20 gauge standard tip wire and 22 gauge light duty tip wire or an assortment of six 6” pieces, 2 of each size. Exceptionally cool operation.

    This is a popular pen style from Europe and Australia.
    Pen with no tip #TUFBPH
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    3 pieces 6” 18 gauge heavy duty tip wire. #TUFTW3-1806
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    3 pieces 6" 20 gauge standard tip wire. #TUFTW3-2006
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    3 pieces 6" 22 gauge light duty tip wire. #TUFTW3-2206
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    Tip wire assortment (2 of each size). #TUFTW6-AST
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    Note: Tips made from wire over approx. 2.5” long will not get hot enough to scorch wood. For best results, keep your custom tips at 1.5” or less.


    Need to clean your pen?
    Never use abrasives for cleaning carbon from tips. Our special tip cleaner/scraper works best. A good alternative is to scrape off the carbon using a snap-off blade knife Always use the lowest heat setting you can. If you can turn the burner down and still do the job – do it! Your tips will last longer, you’ll have more control, you’ll get a cleaner burn, your tip won’t carbon up as quickly, and it’s cooler on the fingers.

    Broken or damaged tip? Don’t worry – and please, don’t throw out the damaged pen! All Razertip products have been designed to be serviced if necessary. Give us a call – you’ll be surprised at what we can do with your old pen, cord, or burner. Repair charges are always reasonable with a quick turn-around.

    Can't find what you need? A Custom Tip my be just what you need, and we can make ‘em. Just let us know what you need – we’re here to serve you.