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    The Caning Shop's very own, remarkable, Gourd Saw™ is smaller than the Minicraft or Proxxon saws, yet accepts their blades. With its small, rounded foot, you can skillfully cut in the concave area of the neck of the gourd and other areas inaccessible to the larger saws. The small rounded foot does not obscure your vision. You'll easily be able to follow your line when cutting. The on/off switch is comfortably placed for convenient access. Its light weight (only 11 ounces) and smooth handling, at 4,500 strokes per minute, make the Gourd Saw the most enjoyable miniature saw for cutting gourds.

    The Gourd Saw™ is a 15-volt tool and requires a transformer (power supply). Please note: THE SAW WILL NOT RUN WITHOUT A POWER SUPPLY. We recommend our #70061/70063 Variable Speed Gourd Power Supply for $39.95. We also carry adapter cords if you already have a Proxxon (#70012 $4.95), Minicraft (#70003 $4.95) or Monster (#70012 $4.95) power supply (transformer).

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