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    The Caning Shop's Gourd Drill™ is a tiny 15,000+ rpm high-speed rotary tool. It comes with a universal chuck which accepts drills and burs with shanks up to 1/8" diamter, including dental bits!

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    With its light weight (just 5.5 ounces) and compact size, the Gourd Drill™ is the most suitable tool for carving gourds.
    The Gourd Drill™ is a 15-volt tool and requires a transformer (power supply). Please note: THE DRILL WILL NOT RUN WITHOUT A POWER SUPPLY. We recommend our #70063 Gourd Power Supply for $39.95 with our #70061 variable speed control. We also carry adapter cords if you already have a Proxxon (#70012 $4.95), Minicraft (#70003 $4.95) or Monster (#70012 $4.95) power supply (transformer).

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