JIM'S VERY BEST EGG BLOWER - Better than "Blas-Fix"

JIM'S VERY BEST EGG BLOWER - Better than "Blas-Fix"

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    The soft plastic bottles in this kit are very soft and easy to squeeze and they hold much more volume and are easier to fill than the “Blas-Fix.” Blowing Eggs: Use the included hand drill to make a small hole in one end of your egg. Straighten and use the enclosed paper clip to break and stir the yolk. Then squeeze air into the egg with the very fine curved syringe tipped bottle to remove the contents, and then squeeze water into the egg to rinse out any residue. What you get: 2 squeeze bottles, syringe tip, paper clip, special hand drill and detailed instructions. You supply: Eggs, air, and water.

    Look here for illustrated instructions.