by Sammie Crawford, The Fairy Gourdmother

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    There is a reason why we wanted to include some of Sammie's work in our book, Making Gourd Dolls and Sprit Figures. There is something joyful in her work. The eyes of her dolls sparkle and her painting techniques are skillful. We had always enjoyed this book when it was originally published by Northlight and were disappointed when it went out of print. After several unsuccessful tries at self-publishing, Jim introduced Sammie to Peter and Nancy Schiffer and encouraged their reprinting her work.

    This is really the only thorough tole-style painting book for gourds in print. And there is much more information here than you'll find in most pamphlets and booklets that tend to go out of print fairly quickly and are already half the price of this 128 page book with 19 wonderful projects.

    Excellent tips on loading your brush with paint. How to apply paint for texture and effect

    Learn how to give expression to eyes to bring life to your painting. Step by step photos of the building up of the face, the body and ornamentation.

    128 pages, soft cover, all color.

    You will find more detailed information and sample pages from Gourd Fun for Everyone on our tour page.