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    Gerri Bishop, gourd artist

    Jacquard's Piñata colors are beautiful, highly saturated, acid free, transparent, colors. Highly versatile, Piñata colors can be used in a variety of applications, craft or fine art. Also use Piñata colors for gourd staining. Piñata colors can be mixed or blended. Apply with a stamp, pen, brush or airbrush. The Piñata Color Pack includes 9 one half ounce squeeze bottles containing 7 vibrant colors: sunbright yellow, calabaza orange, chili pepper red, sapphire blue, lime green, burro brown, blanco white and a bottle of clean-up solution and a bottle of Claro extender.

    "The first two photographs show a background done with burro brown, chili red and a yellow. I tossed some alcohol randomly to provide patterns. This gourd had a dark, ugly skin and with the Piñata colors has turned out to be one of the most striking pieces I’ve done. It will be placed in an art show auction for the Blind Institute and is expected to bring in great money for that organization." - Gerri Bishop, gourd artist

    "This next gourd has burro brown on the bottom and tangerine and chili red rubbed together on the upper half." - Gerri Bishop, gourd artist

    "This one was an experiment with all the colors. I neglected to take a picture of the finished product, which had carved kokopellis in gold randomly placed around the gourd. It sold quickly. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It looks very jewel-like, actually." - Gerri Bishop, gourd artist

    "The mask one has forest green mixed with yellow, and baja blue mixed with purple on the top half of the mask." - Gerri Bishop, gourd artist

    "Then there is the Indian with a background combination of yellow, burro brown, tangerine and alcohol rubbing to blend. This one is at the Jasmin gallery in La Jolla." - Gerri Bishop, gourd artist

    "The last one, while not a good picture, is really quite beautiful. It has lime green, chili red, tangerine, and yellow all dribbled on each other, then alcohol and the thinner dripped and tossed to make random patterns. This one had a gold and lime green kokopelli carved from another gourd added to it. Once the polyurethane hit those colors…jewel like again. Very lovely." - Gerri Bishop, gourd artist

    "I love this stuff. It covers nasty skin and makes it lovely and more interesting, and depending on the gourd and how the color has taken to it, every one turns out SO very differently with alcohol and thinner thrown at it. Plus, the Indian ones above, where the shirts and skins meet the Pinata dye, the different sections are so EASY to blend. There are no telltale lines of where you stopped with one thing and started with another. The real secret to using this dye, is having the cleanest surface you can manage. I always sand my gourd surfaces to make sure there is NO remaining wax. That way, the colors take to the gourd beautifully. But if you find a spot of wax, rubbing on another color (artist crayon or colored wax) covers it right up and blends with the gourd. The colors are also quite nice when rubbed lightly with a gold wax. When the fixative spray hits, the colors bleed through the gold just a bit and give it a whole new look." - Gerri Bishop, gourd artist