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    The Caning Shop's Gourd Disk Sander is built with the same powerful motor as our Gourd Saw and Gourd Sander. The gearing is all metal and will easily outlast the plastic gears in the competition. A precise, lightweight disk sander coupled with our unique hook and loop sanding sponges, easily smooths the contours of your gourd, even in the hard to reach neck area. Our thinner sanding sponges transmit all the sanding action to the gourd surface, unlike tools with thick sponges that absorb the action. This means less wear and tear on your wrist and arm. Because the Gourd Disk Sander is 15Volt, you can wet sand with our sanding sponges and not have to worry about getting a shock. Wet sanding is preferable because it keeps the sanding surface cleaner so that the grit lasts longer. It also keeps the dust out of the air. Comes with 6 oversize sanding sponge disks: 2 each 180 grit, 2 each 500 grit, and 2 each 1000 grit equivalent. Use your Gourd Disk Sander with our Gourd Power 15Volt Transformer.